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Income Stream - for our RFD and Shooting Ground / School / Range clients

Our sister company Sportinsure Ltd runs a scheme called ‘Gunguard’ which allows you to offer insurance to your gun owning clients and get paid for doing this.  


     “You get paid for offering our insurance”


We and Hiscox have designed a tailored insurance policy which offers your customers comprehensive protection and value for money. We have chosen to partner with  Hiscox who have over 110 years’ experience insuring the owners of higher value homes and possessions, Hiscox understand the importance of protecting the things that matter most.


We are inviting you to work with us to offer your customers comprehensive cover for ALL of their guns and accessories.


For your customers, shooting is more than a hobby – it’s a passion, and one that involves significant investment. This means their equipment requires specialist insurance cover both while it is in use and whilst being stored. Probably the best gun insurance in the World.




         Very wide cover. We believe that our cover is amongst the widest in the market and is underwritten by Hiscox.  


         Payable on interest free instalments.


         Cover available online up to £50,000


         Quick and easy three steps to buy cover.


         Discounts. We will supply you with a special code which allows your clients a discount and promotes your brand.




         We pay you; we offer you commission for introducing your customers and at each renewal.


         You do not have to do any work or offer any advice


         We promote you.   When your customers uses the link it shows the discount and identifies your firm as having secured their discount.




         We are very regulated; you will need to sign an agreement to offer this to your customers.




         If you are interested in this please click here to view website                                                  



         Please contact us if you wish to set up



The above link will take you to Sportinsure Ltd and the Gun Guard scheme.


Gun Guard is the trading name that we have chosen for our new initiative to provide specialist insurance to shooters of all disciplines; the underlying company is Sportinsure Ltd and it will be under the Gun Guard name that we will be corresponding and dealing with you in this instance.


Sportinsure Ltd and Hiscox Underwriting Ltd are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Contact us